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When using First Class for tourism, rest assured that you will find new experiences in your trip. Everything thing is tailored for you and you only. Exclusive flight, exclusive transfer for you rather than a crowd of tourists, accommodation in private villas or apartments so that you have everything to yourself. Of course, we recommend private villas so that you, and you alone, can use all the facilities, such as swimming pools and resting spaces. Our accomplished chefs are at your service in the villas. Or you can have your meal anytime at the best restaurants of the area. You can also enjoy ultra all inclusive services when staying at the villas or 5-star hotel suites. Your dedicated tour guide provides you with detailed information on your itinerary, your daily sightseeing destinations and schedule. A list of expert leaders for your destination will be provided for you to choose from professional tour leaders or university professors willing to give you a wealth of information. You will also have a car for your transportation. Everything, from private boats to dedicated jet skis, is provided for you to have a unique experience.