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First Class makes your dreams come true. You can have your unique wedding ceremony anywhere in the world; a ceremony that is for you and you only. You can have your ceremony at a silver ocean beach, in a luxury cruise ship, or at a European palace. Every detail will be planned and executed according to your wishes, obviously with the advice our international wedding specialists give you.
First Class provides young couples in their honey moon with unforgettable memories, amazing trips and intimate moments with their partners. You can make your First Class trip the way you like.
Leave all the arrangements to us and enjoy the ceremony as a guest.
• Full arrangements for the whole ceremony
• Full planning of the ceremony
• Booking the venue
• Expert international level dressmaker
• Expert make-up artist and designer
• Expert masseur
• Expert catering
• International chef
• Choreographer
• Accommodation for all the relatives
• Table and altar decorations
• Spectacles and entertainments