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Each year, a considerable number of Iranian students go to universities of Turkey, Malaysia and Cyprus with the single aim of furthering their education and life. Lack of advice and information, however, usually hinders them from reaching their goals or selecting the proper course of action in time.
First Class Education Services provides consultations with top teachers and students of your selected universities, campus visiting tours, visits to accommodation and transport facilities of the university, and reviews of jobs available for the students; all in one-week tours for the students to experience the actual environment and all educational issues and facilities. Of course, all these services are tailored to you and you only. So everyone in the tour, from the university professor to the tour leader, will assist you in making the best choice for your future career. You will experience each level of your educational career only once, so you should make the best choices, using the most accurate information, and experiencing the faculty and its facilities first-hand.