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First Class Business Services are for businessmen, businesswomen and organizations who are travelling for business and who doesn’t want to be a loser from the start, or even before that, just because they lack some facilities or information.
By offering its own facilities to you, First Class becomes your business partner or even your branch at the destination. In addition to all the tourism facilities mentioned above, all the following items will be at the service of Iranian merchants and business persons to shine in their global negotiations:
• CIP transfer from the airport
• Vehicle with courteous chauffer
• Personal assistant and an interpreter specializing in business jargon
• Marketing advisor, lawyer and financial advisor familiar with markets of the destination country will accompany you as a team member in your meetings
• Booking conference or negotiation rooms in case you are going to be the host
• All necessary information required for acquiring brand partnership
And every other thing you might need for a successful business trip.