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History Tours First Class
More than half a century ago, a group of tourists traveling to places where the desire to get better services and their different service requests from travel agents were Lvkstr. But agencies that provide services on a daily basis to a large number of passengers had been accustomed, can not provide this special service. public tours and provide public services that the agency is attempting to sell such a promise can not be fulfilled.
First Class services include counseling, guided tours, flights, accommodation, transfers, sightseeing tours and destination services, such as the use of a lawyer, financial advisor, conference hall etc. is only and only for a specific customer. As a result, agencies in Europe and America in order to provide professional services only to passengers who require special services, tourism, commercial, scientific or had emerged.
For this reason, the possibility of this kind agency of private jet aircraft to private villas to stay there. or academic travel needs.
First Class is proud to announce for the first time in Luxury and special service provider in Iran, Turkey, Dubai, Cyprus, Georgia, Bali and several European countries. However, soon a special service in cooperation with the offices of the series will be offered in all countries of the world.